Your power to choose

is your power to

shape the world

Now you can track the ESG impact of your suppliers, and find new suppliers that align to your company’s ESG goals.

How It Works


Conduct a baseline assessment of your current suppliers


Link social and environmental impact of purchases to corporate sustainability goals


Compare and select impact suppliers for your next purchase

How 17 Ways helps enterprise buyers

You are conscientious in your personal life, considering things like climate change and inequality in your own consumption. As a business buyer, you have the purchasing power to make an even greater social and environmental impact at work. But it’s impossible to uncover the impact of your current suppliers, especially for indirect purchases. Selecting new suppliers requires a lot of your time not to mention risk to your reputation.  How can you use the power of your role to create business as a force for good?

Key 17 Ways Member Benefits

Justify your purchase decisions with data and stories of the true impact of all your suppliers
See the cumulative, increasing impact of your supplier choices with each purchase
Show how your business purchasing power is contributing to your company’s sustainability goals
Avoid risk and exposure purchasing from suppliers who are not good custodians of society and the planet
Become a sustainability champion for your company!

Build Your Supplier Relationships Around Social and Environmental Impact

Start today with a baseline assessment of your current suppliers

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