Your power to choose
is your power
to shape the world

Are you ready to show social and environmental impact with every business purchase?

How 17 Ways Can Increase Your Impact

Establish Social and Environmental Impact

Capture baseline and track progress using UN’s Sustainable Development Goal framework
Compare existing suppliers to new impact suppliers aligned with company social and environmental goals

Buy and Sell Curated Goods & Services

Add your goods & services to curated list of impact suppliers
Manage purchases through 17 Ways

Track and Compare Impact Across Purchases

Compare single and cumulative purchase decisions to target and increase your social and environmental impact

Engage in Purpose-Driven B2B Community

Share recommendations with other buyers and sellers
Collaborate on projects to increase impact

Exclusive Access to Purpose-Driven Buyers

Today’s enterprise buyers are demanding social and environmental action from their suppliers. 17 Ways gives you simple, exclusive access to enterprise purchase opportunities, facilitating the purchase process so you can focus on what you do best – delivering amazing, impactful goods & services.
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Bring Impact Into Every Purchase Decision

Your business is committed to making social and environmental impact. 17 Ways makes it easy to buy from the types of companies who care about the things you care about, from choosing to transacting to tracking impact.  We reduce the friction in B2B so you can effectively meet your business sustainability goals.
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Become a Force for Good

Business is the most powerful force for change we have today

We believe business is the key to making the most profound societal changes by leveraging networks, investment portfolios, and corporate supply chains. We created 17 Ways to ensure values-driven businesses can find each other and do business together. Our intention is to unleash the power of purchasing dollars to make an impact towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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